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Tescom Hellas is a subsidiary of the diverse business group DMY Group since 2007. TESCOM, a member company of the DMY Group, is a leading manufacturer of voltage stabilization and uninterruptible power systems. It has innovative, certified solutions that ensure the smooth, safe and continuous operation of electrical and electronic installations for home, professional and industrial applications. All TESCOM products are made with the combination of the latest technology and design focusing on maximizing the energy efficiency, protection and power savings.

LANDE A.S. is a manufacturer of Racks and Cabinets, offers products that support versatile structured cabling infrastructure. The company offers a wide range of flexible and energy efficient cooling and protection solutions for critical passive assets. Tescom Hellas is the exclusive representative of Lande A.S in Greece.

The company is also led to new strategic partnerships, in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of its customers by expanding its product range in the field of Network Components. With faith in our vision to support innovative and integrated solutions to the professional, following the latest technological developments, Tescom Hellas cooperates with the leading German manufacturer of Network Components and Peripherals, DIGITUS, a member of the German group ASSMANN.


We’re are constantly working on

Capturing and maintaining leading market and technology positions in our businesses fields in order to achieve sustainable profitable growth and continually increase our company value.

Providing innovative technologies and well-designed solutions that improve safety, productivity and respond quickly and effectively to market developments and customer demands.

Optimising our business operations in order to improve customer satisfaction, secure enduring strength, profitability and the stable expansion of our market share.


The company designs, manufactures and trades products that support uninterruptible power supply such as UPS, Solar UPS, AVR, Batteries, Solar Systems. The selection of the above has been made strategically, offering products that support the development of digital applications by adapting them to the evolving needs of the market, providing continuous technical support in Greece and other European countries.


Human Resources

All of the above and the company's future development plans could not be accomplished without the contribution of its human resources. Since the very first moment, the company invested and continues to invest in people with knowledge and vision, who contribute effectively with their expertise to the implementation of what we aim for.

Experience and specialization are important criteria in the selection of staff. 80% of the staff are Higher Education graduates and many of them hold postgraduate or doctoral degrees with relevant specialization.

Pre-sales & Technical Support

The provision of high quality services, certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 is a priority of Tescom Hellas.

Such services include the direction of our customers to the solutions that meet their needs (Pre-Sales Services), the design of integrated solutions that solve complex problems (Turnkey Services) as well as technical support of all the above (Installation, Technical support, Service) .

Services offer both the requirement recording, its full implementation and support after the installation, including this electrical installation.

Based on this philosophy, our company has a Pre-Sales department and a Technical Service that fully covers the offered services. These departments consist of certified engineers, higheer education graduates, holding degrees in the respective specialties. Having all the appropriate logistical infrastructure (tools and spare parts), we thus cover any need or requirement of our customers, while offering the highest level of efficienct and reliabile solutions.


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