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AVR 11

1phase AVR

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  • Single-phase voltage stabiliser that protects by compensating any voltage drop by increasing it internally, as well as reducing the voltage when it exceeds the required limit (eg 230V) of the supported devices. It has a servo motor to protect the home & professional applications. Sturdy build, designed with the smallest possible dimensions for easy installation to limited spaces, offering very high efficiencies and energy savings with Power Factor = 1. It is easy to operate through the digital display and very easy to maintain and service. Protects against dangerous main power fluctuations such as surges, short circuits, high voltage, low voltage, overheating and provides thunder and lightning protection.

    Key specs:

    • Single phase input / output voltage regulator
    • Servo motor technology
    • Sturdy build
    • Power Factor = 1
    • Digital display screen per phase
    • High performance & reliability
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ProductCodeVoltage RangeCapacity (VA)Capacity (Watt)TechnologyType
AVR 11 1101AVR.0143Standard10001000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1102AVR.0144Standard20002000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1103AVR.0145Standard30003000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1105AVR.0146Standard50005000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1107AVR.0147Standard70007000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1110AVR.0148Standard1000010000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1115AVR.0149Standard1500015000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1120AVR.0150Standard2000020000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1125AVR.0151Standard2500025000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1130AVR.0152Standard3000030000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1140AVR.0153Standard4000040000ServomotorTower
AVR 11 1150AVR.0154Standard5000050000ServomotorTower

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