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Line Interactive UPS

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  • Line-interactive UPS with simulated sine wave output technology. They have an operation control microprocessor and a built-in automatic voltage stabiliser (AVR) for greater safety from dangerous fluctuations in the power supply network. It is the essential, affordable UPS solution for home and business use. They can protect against surges, sinks and, power outages and support PCs, routers-modems, TVs, Video game consoles, telephones, cash registers, etc. It is light and compact.

    Key specs:

    • Line Interactive technology with Microprocessor controller
    • Automatic frequency detection 50 / 60Hz
    • ABM technology increases the service life of the batteries
    • Short-circuit protection and overload protection
    • Batteries charging even when the device is switched off
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Automatic restart in case of extended power failure
    • Automatic Voltage Stabilisation (AVR) provides correction of drafts and overvoltages without the use of battery power
    • Outlets 2 x Schuko (650VA - 850VA) // 4 x Schuko (1000VA - 2000 VA)
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ProductCodeAutonomy at 50% (min)Autonomy at 100% (min)TypeConnectionsCapacity (VA)Capacity (Watt)Phases (IN/OUT)Output VoltageOther
LEO LED 650AUPS.022294Tower6503901phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 1 x 12v7ah
LEO LED 2000AUPS.022693Tower200012001phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v9ah
LEO LED 850AUPS.0223104Tower8504801phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 1 x 12v9ah
LEO LED 1000AUPS.0224104Tower10006001phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v7ah
LEO LED 1500AUPS.0225104Tower15009001phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v9ah

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