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  • The NEOLINE PLUS series is one of our best-selling single-phase Online UPS. It is a UPS with double conversion technology, high efficiency and output Power Factor = 0.9. They provide excellent protection to devices and entire networks, by eliminating interruptions and dangerous fluctuations in the power supply. With zero transfer time, pure sine wave output and the ability to support different loads, it is the ideal solution for protecting home devices, professional applications such as servers and networking equipment. The NEOLINE PLUS models can support power capacity from 1kVA to 10kVA with built-in batteries, but also the option of connecting to external batteries for easy upgrade of autonomy (6 to 10kVA). The models from 1000VA to 3000VA can be used in both small and medium installations and can be used without electrical installation (Plug and Play), while models from 6000VA to 10000VA can be used in medium to large installations.

    Key specs:

    • True double-conversion technology
    • Microprocessor fully controls the device for optimum system reliability
    • With easy to operate multifucntional LCD screen
    • Cold startup when the utility power is out
    • With CSB batteries - autonomy up to 10min (50% load)
    • Output power factor 0.9
    • ECO function for energy saving
    • Smart USB / RS-232, SNMP ports for remote monitoring (optional)
    • Automatic restart in case of extended power failure
    • Outlet Sockets: 3 x Schuko (1-2kVA) 4 Schuko / Output Terminal (3kVA)
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ProductCodeAutonomy at 50% (min)Autonomy at 100% (min)TypeConnectionsCapacity (VA)Capacity (Watt)Phases (IN/OUT)Output VoltageOther
NEOLINE PLUS 1103ST XLUPS.0866TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)3000027001/1Pure sine wave
NEOLINE PLUS 1101 STUPS.040493TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)10009001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v9ah
NEOLINE PLUS 1102 STUPS.0405103TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)200018001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 4 x 12v9ah
NEOLINE PLUS 1103 STUPS.0406114TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)300027001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 6 x 12v9ah
NEOLINE PLUS 1106 ST (12V7Ah)UPS.0360124TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)600054001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 16 x 12v7ah
NEOLINE PLUS 1106 STUPS.0552124.1TOWERRS232, (Optional: RS485, SNMP, Modbus, Remote Panel)600054001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveiOS App, Android App, Windows App
NEOLINE PLUS 1110 STUPS.0617124.1TOWERRS1000090001phase(1/1)Pure SinewaveiOS App, Android App, Windows App

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