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TEOS 400

Online UPS

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  • The three phase UPS TEOS 400 series is specially designed in order to take up a small footprint and meet the growing market needs for highly reliable and efficient UPSs that protect critical medium and large applications with limited spaces. The series achieves high efficiencies with efficiency up to 98% and Power Factor upt to 1 achieving energy savings and reduced operating costs. The TEOS 400 continuously supply clean power to servers, data centers, security systems as well as industrial applications. The device has the capabilities of remote monitoring by inserting an SNMP card, parallel connection of up to 6 similar units and connection to generators for higher autonomy. The TEOS series is characterized by its extremely easy installation, operation and maintenance.

    Key specs:

    • Real Double Conversion technology
    • With integrated microprocessors (DSP).
    • High Power Factor = 1
    • Wide input voltage range (110-300VAC).
    • ECO function for energy saving
    • Adjustable number of batteries
    • Emergency shutdown function (EPO)
    • Parallel connection of up to 6 units
    • Models with powerful charger (XL) 4A / 8A / 12A that can support large number of batteries and back up time
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ProductCodeAutonomy at 50% (min)Autonomy at 100% (min)TypeConnectionsCapacity (VA)Capacity (Watt)Phases (IN/OUT)Output VoltageOther
TEOS 400 440UPS.0661TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)40000400003phase(3/3)Pure Sinewave12/9Ah (16+16) pcs x 2 strings
TEOS 400 460UPS.0662TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)60000600003phase(3/3)Pure SinewaveBatteries not included
TEOS 400 480UPS.0663TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)80000800003phase(3/3)Pure SinewaveBatteries not included
TEOS 400 430UPS.0669TowerUSB, RS232, SNMP (Optional)30000300003phase(3/3)Pure Sinewave12/7Ah (16+16) pcs x strings

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