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VRLA Batteries

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  • The VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) series of Tescom XMS HR batteries is designed with high performance active components to produce the maximum possible power when discharging at an extended discharge rate. Also it has high density structure / build for lower internal resistance which significantly improves the efficiency for high frequency discharges when higher ampere output is required for a shorter period of time

    Key specs:

    • Design life up to 12 years
    • Certified by the international security organization UL
    • 100% Sealed
    • Advanced technology AGM (absorbed electrolyte) with gas recombination exceeding 99%
    • Low internal pressure operation
    • No need for filling, minimal maintenance
    • 99.7% pure lead calcium mesh
    • Reinforced transmission with shock absorption
    • Optional custom flame retardant cases
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ProductCodeVoltage (V)Design LifeCapacity (Ah)
XMS HR 12V5AhBAT.01011255
XMS HR 12V7.2AhBAT.01021257.2
XMS HR 12V9AhBAT.01031259
XMS HR 12V9AhBAT.01711259
XMS HR 12V12AhBAT.010412512
XMS HR 12V18AhBAT.010512518
XMS HR 12V28AhBAT.0225121028
XMS HR 12V32AhBAT.0226121032
XMS HR 12V45AhBAT.0228121045
XMS HR 12V75AhBAT.0231121075
XMS HR 12V90AhBAT.0233121090
XMS HR 12V100AhBAT.02341210100

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