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EnerRocket ES/ESC

VRLA Batteries

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  • The ES (5Ah-65Ah) and ESC (100Ah-200Ah) series of batteries are long life batteries for all commercial and industrial applications. They are designed with a way that offers longer life and excellent performance at high discharge rates, with a fast recharge time. Tescom ES and ESC batteries have a wide range of use e.g. UPS, vacuum cleaners, lighting systems, cash registers, boosters, etc.

    Key specs:

    • No -Spillable Sealed Construction
    • Seal Lead Acid Battery
    • Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM System)
    • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) construction (FR optional)
    • Gas Recombination
    • Venting System for low internal pressure
    • Low Self-Discharge
    • Heavy-Duty, Highly Optimized Grids
    • High Power Output
    • Wide Operating Temperature
    • Maintenance-Free Operation translate in greek
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ProductCodeVoltage (V)Design LifeCapacity (Ah)
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V5AhBAT.03731210 Years5
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V7AhBAT.03741210 Years7
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V9AhBAT.01151210 Years9
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V12AhBAT.03751210 Years12
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V18AhBAT.03761210 Years18
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V26AhBAT.03771210 Years26
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V42AhBAT.03781210 Years42
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V65AhBAT.03851210 Years65
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V100AhBAT.03861212 Years100
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V200AhBAT.03871212 Years200

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